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Dot-Matrix Printing Issues

Structural Material Manager reports should print well on most dot-matrix printers. However, some OkiData dot-matrix printers may experience paging problems. This is a driver-related issue that may be seen under Windows NT, 2000 and XP; the same OkiData units that page improperly under those operating systems are likely to work well under Windows 95, 98 or Millenium Edition.

Please note that this paging problem will be seen not only in Structural Material Manger, but also in any application that prints through Windows print drivers.

Fortunately, the OkiData paging problem can be easily solved by re-installing the printer under Windows using a compatible Epson or IBM driver rather than the OkiData "native" driver. The following table lists some OkiData units along with their suggested Epson and IBM drivers:

OkiData Dot-Matrix Printer

Compatible Epson / IBM Drivers

OkiData MicroLine 380

Epson LQ-2550

OkiData MicroLine 391 (not Turbo)

Epson LQ-1050, IBM ProPrinter XL24E

OkiData MicroLine 391 Turbo 

Epson LQ-1170, IBM ProPrinter XL24E

OkiData MicroLine 590 

Epson LQ-850

OkiData MicroLine 591 

Epson LQ-1050 or LQ-1170, IBM ProPrinter XL24E

The table above lists only a small sampling of the many OkiData dot-matrix printers that have been produced. If you experience paging problems with an OkiData model not listed, simply send an e-mail message to requesting that OkiData provide you with the name of the proper Epson or IBM driver to use with your particular printer. If you have the printed User's Guide supplied with your OkiData printer, it also can be used to find acceptable Epson and IBM driver substitutions.

One last word concerning OkiData dot-matrix printers is in order. Depending on the model, your OkiData printer my have different emulations that can be selected at the printer itself via switches. It is critical that you match the driver to the selected emulation. Consult your printer's User's Guide for more information, or contact an OkiData representative via e-mail at