Computer Software for Steel Professionals

Downloading Key Drivers

Structural Material Manger utilizes a software security key, and this key requires a Windows driver. This driver is comprised of software that coordinates the interaction between Structural Material Manager's security key and the Windows operating system.

Please note that E.J.E. Industries utilizes (5) different types of security keys. They are listed here in order of newest to oldest:

  • A green "micro" USB unit
  • A black full-size USB unit with purple accent stripes
  • A purple full-size USB unit
  • An off-white parallel-port unit
  • A black parallel-port unit

It does not matter which type of key you have, as each performs the same function. However, each type of key uses a specific driver.

There is normally no need to download key drivers, as they are supplied on the Structural Material Manger CD. However, if you are experiencing a key-related problem, or E.J.E. Industries Technical Support has instructed you to download the latest driver, the drivers are available at no charge by clicking the appropriate link below.

Click here if your Structural Material Manager uses a green "micro" USB security key.

Click here if your Structural Material Manager uses a full-size USB security key (whether completely purple or black with purple accent stripes).

Click here for systems using an off-white security key attached to the parallel printer port. While the USB keys have in recent years replaced most of the parallel keys, quite a few customers still have these off-white parallel keys.

Click here if you have a black parallel-port security key. Note that this does NOT refer to a black USB key but, rather, specifically to a black key that attaches to the parallel printer port. Hardly any of these keys are still in use.