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Structural Material Manager Security Key Installed But Expired

If you receive a Structural Material Manger program CD from E.J.E. Industries, and the accompanying documentation indicates that the CD is a "key update," it is important to install the new software in timely fashion. Failure to do so could result in your Structural Material Manger system eventually reporting that a key was detected but has expired. The solution could not be simpler: install the latest CD you received.

E.J.E. Industries routinely receives technical support calls from customers stating that their system is reporting that the key has expired. In nearly all cases, the latest CD sent to them has not been installed. Often, it is sitting in a pile of unopened mail. Sometimes, the person to whom the package was addressed (our primary contact at the customer's company) is someone other than the software's actual end-user, and the recipient has not passed the CD on to the end-user(s). So, before contacting our Technical Support department, please check to see whether a newer software version has been received.

If you thoroughly search for a key update CD and do not find one, it is possible that it was lost in transit. Simply e-mail your request for a free replacement to Indicate that you need a key update CD, and it will be promptly sent via First-Class Mail. Please be sure to include with the request your name, company name and mailing address. We can also post an updated system to our FTP site for immediate download so you'll be back up and running while awaiting the replacement CD.