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Structural Material Manager Software Downloads

E.J.E. Industries is pleased to provide various Structural Material Manger files via our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) sites. Select the appropriate link in order to download free maintenance releases, software drivers for security keys, etc.

Software produced by E.J.E. Industries, Inc. contains a Microsoft Authenticode digital security certificate provided by VeriSign, Inc. The digital signature indicates to the Windows operating system and various antivirus programs that E.J.E. Industries, Inc. is indeed software publisher. This will help streamline your download and installation process.

Click here for information on obtaining the latest Structural Material Manager demo.

Click here to download the latest drivers for the Structural Material Manager software security keys.

Click here to download the Version 17.0 Structural Material Manager upgrade or free maintenance releases. Version 17.0 is the most recent system.

Click here to obtain maintenance releases for discontinued Structural Material Manager systems (Versions 16.1 and older).

Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader program is required for viewing the PDF (Portable Document Format) version of the built-in User’s Guide that is available in Structural Material Manager’s Help menu. E.J.E. Industries, Inc. is licensed to distribute this program and includes it on all Structural Material Manager program CDs. You may also download the latest version directly from Adobe by clicking the link below.